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One on one attention in the comfort of your own home versus the large nurse to patient ratio in hospitals and nursing homes is the primary benefit of home care over institutional care.  With today’s fast paced lifestyle and long-distance family relationships, Home Health Care of North Central Texas, Inc. provides peace of mind for families without requiring  family members to give up their careers or way of life.

Providing in home nursing, physical, occupational, social work, and CNA’s. These professionals help manage multiple disease processes including: diabetes, pain, arthritis, ostomy’s, cancer, urinary catheters, fibromyalgia, medication management, COPD, joint pain, CHF and most debilitating illness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is home care for you?
If you or a loved one needs assistance with any of these:
Health Care Management
Pain Relief Management
Disease/Health Condition Explanations
Medication Management
Diabetic Food Consulting
Monitor Physician Treatment
Fall Risk Management
Stroke Management
Then Home Health Care may be the perfect solution!

What is home health?
Home health care is a wide range of medical, social and therapeutic treatments that are provided in the comfort of the patient’s home.
Who pays for home health care?
Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Workman’s Comp, and most private insurances pay for home health care.
Where are services offered?
In your home, assisted living facility, or in the home you’re visiting. When illness or surgery affects your independence, we can be of assistance when you return from the hospital, rehabilitation or nursing facility.

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